Xmind 8 Pro

XMind Review – Open Source Mind Mapping Technique

Around ten years ago, I discovered mind maps and realized how useful they are when planning and brainstorming. I started with the open source app FreeMind , one of the only apps available at the time. I also found mind mapping on paper to be a quick way to get started on a new article or project. Now I use mind mapping software on both my Mac and iPad. On the Mac, I like to get my ideas down quickly using the keyboard, and use the mouse to move ideas around and create some structure.
xmind 8 pro

Xmind 8 Pro

XMind Review – Open Source Mind Mapping Technique

It has a big crowd of users all over the world. Not only does it provide users functions in creating mind mapping but also offers open source. XMind aims to be the top cross-platform idea generation and brainstorming mind map software for Windows , Mac, and Linux to help users boost efficiency.

It is widely used for project management, brainstorming, concept management, meeting minutes taking, and business management and so on. The latest XMind 8 is still free for users to have basic functions. It is 20 dollars higher than 8 Plus version with a discount.

Two special discounts are set for academia usage and non-profit government usage. Main Features Classify inspirations in Idea Factory by groups. Convert Mind Maps to Gantt Charts. Decorate mind maps with new clip art library. Office Integration. Walk Through and Slide-based presentation modes. Collaborate with Evernote. Offer four structures including Fishbone chart, Matrix, Timeline, and Org chart. There are not several detailed icons on the ribbon but on the top drop-down menu and right side panel.

The right-side panelists 8 functions, outline view, formatting, image libraries, markers, theme, notes, comments, and task information respectively. Except for the right side panel, almost all the detailed functions are under the top drop-down menu. The markers function is available for XMind 8 free version which contains several exquisite task-based icons. It makes your mind map attractive.

But we still need to dig out the obvious advantages and disadvantages of your reference. Pros Support open source mind mapping freeware. Fresh user interface.

Support cloud sync between devices. Cons Bad experience with Mac system. Very slow in operation. It takes a long time to get used to because of its complexity. Cloud synchronization is buggy. Lack of team collaboration function. XMind is certainly the outstanding mind mapping software in mind mapping fields.

More improvements on programming will contribute to gain more market shares. For people who are fond of designing mind maps with software, you can have a try to judge whether it is suitable or not.

What Is XMind: ZEN?

6 days ago Now there are XMind: ZEN and XMind 8 Pro for the desktop version. They are different products. XMind: ZEN is much more beautiful and. XMind is the most professional and popular mind mapping tool. Millions of The plan includes XMind: ZEN and XMind for iOS/Android. XMind 8 is not included. XMind 8 Pro offers fishbone (Ishikawa) diagrams and matrices, which allow root cause analysis and two-axis comparisons. MindManager

XMind 8 jetzt verfügbar!

Here we also have another exciting news for you: For people who purchase XMind 7. Why wait? Get a sneak peek of XMind 8 with us now. Just select the target topic and click the plus button and a new slide will be created automatically.

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It has a big crowd of users all over the world. Not only does it provide users functions in creating mind mapping but also offers open source.

REVIEW: XMind: ZEN Review: Focused Mind Mapping for Mac and Windows

If you want a simple way to map ideas, XMind 8 is a solution built for that purpose XMind 8. Free. XMind 8 Pro. $/year. Academia Discount. I’m using XMind 8 Update 8 Pro via a license with Setapp (a subscription service that aggregates + apps for $10/mth). I use enough of the Setapp utilities. XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming software, developed by XMind Ltd. In addition to For XMind Pro/Zen, it can export the mind maps into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, FreeMind and Mindjet MindManager documents. XMind 8 v, , EPL and LGPL, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux 32bit/.

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Xmind 8 Pro

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