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Does anyone here use it? If so, is it effective? VjQue , GaFFLe , This is a no brainer
serato auto gain

Serato Auto Gain

Serato auto-gain confusion

A word of warning about auto gain After tinkering a bit, I analysed single duplicate tracks in my library and compared them with their duplicates Et voila! The freshly analysed files all played louder than their original duplicates. The only way to get any consistency between new tracks and the rest of the library, is to reanalyse the entire library!

Not sure if this is common knowledge but I just thought I would mention it! MurdoX 7: Besides this which looks scary enough , I encountered the problem of extreme CPU loading when analyzing new tracks. This was never a problem with my MBP i7, but now it is.

If indeed I have to reanalyze everything to match levels, I guess I’m doomed as in the end I will be left with a dead laptop. So, no re-analyzing for now. Despo 4: I guess you could always analyze with an older Version or heck even scratch live maybe?

I know it’s a workaround, but at this point it seems that serato fixes one thing and by doing that breaks another at the same time. Pls do me a favor and try that out for me because I didn’t have the time to do so yet: There definitely seems to be some changes though, I’m noticing a lot of variation between track levels even though I’ve reanalysed the whole library.

Does anyone know if the auto gain level setting affects the analysis? Like, does the auto gain value get written to the file or does the actual real volume get written to the file, and then the software interprets it? DJ Tecniq 8: With my SL3 unplugged I still have gain levels reaching red while offline.

I don’t understand why SDJ can’t set all track gains to 12 o clock. Shouldn’t that be the default? Cause every track I play is different. What is interesting when my box is connected I have auto gain set to 93 db and I’m finally seeing levels I’m normally used to from SSL. Goodkat 9: Psythik It does absolutely nothing on my PC so I have to adjust the gains manually. It’s a little annoying when I’m trying to do a fast mix but not that big of a deal.

The way it works now, some tracks I have that used to play quieter now play louder and some louder tracks now play quieter.

And then there are some tracks that play much louder now. On the whole its not that bad though, just different. Support told me there have been some changes under the hood, but really, a bit of warning in the release notes would have been nice. Unless I’ve missed something and its common knowledge Goodkat It is definitely weird. On the whole its not that bad though, just different to me that seems bad and different.

I can deal with the fact that there is a bit of variation between track levels, there always has been anyway. I can also deal with the fact that the tracks that vary have changed, The big problem for me is that some tracks play way too loud. We should be able to edit the auto gain level for each track! For most tracks it’s not necessary, but I think it’s a necessary feature that should be added. DJ Tecniq 6: Thats actually what master output level does in SSL it adjust the track gains and keeps everything level.

I’m not really sure what it does in SDJ cause it does nothing for the track gains but increases the master volume. Depending on which tracks are used, the variation in volume, between 2 tracks, can be up to 3 or 4db. That’s one thing I really liked about Scratchlive the Master level overrides all track gains. This is exactly what I would expect the auto gain setting applies to, but as you say, in SDJ it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I think Serato recently removed the master limiter from SDJ, which is probably why the auto gain seems so erratic now. I think some tweaking need stop be done. I’m noticing that certain albums seem to be affected, for example,if a track is affected then its likely that most of the album is affected too. But of course this doesn’t apply to every single track.

I’m convinced that it is the production of some tracks that is defeating the auto gain analysis. The simple solution is to allow us to adjust the auto gain setting on a track by track basis. With master gain in SSL I could have all my tracks just below peak level.

What I do like about SDJ with master level it actually syncs up to your mixers master if you are paying attention to the mixers levels. Goodkat 8: Its strange because most tracks are registering about the same values on the meters in SDJ. The difference is in the ‘perceived’ volume of the tracks when they are played out loud but it is also reflected on the mixer meters these display the difference in volume. Support did get back to me again but part of their reply was to: Weird that I am noticing much more variation now though.

Goodkat 7: I suppose if the software meters are at a consistent volume, then the auto gain is doing its job. They have acknowledged that a change has been made, but for me, this change is a step backwards. Even though there will always be some variation when using autogain, the variation is bigger now that the software has changed.

Previously, the analysis went some way towards detecting ‘perceived’ volume. This is clear from some tracks in my library, that are quiet but used to play quite loudly autogain doing its job well but now instead they play really quietly.

Ok so the track was quiet to begin with but that’s the whole point of having autogain! DJ Tecniq If tracks are too quiet with auto gain you can always turn the master level ouput up a bit and the sound will increase but don’t go too high cause it will cause distortion at least that’s the result I get on my SL3 Ive actually turned the master down a bit to avoid the channels going into the red on the mixer this has only started happening since 1.

It seems that certain tracks don’t work so well with the newer auto gain analysis. Thanks for the input! Also, thanks to the other guys that have replied on this thread, all input is appreciated. DJ Tecniq 2: SDJ does not perform that way though it’s the complete opposite. Ancient Astronauts 1: I understand the meaning of “auto gain” that it automatically sets the gains of all songs on the same level. Yeah i understand what your saying regarding the led.. I dont get lights coming on.

Generally, these things work by finding the absolute loudest peak in a recorded file, and then ‘normalizing’ the volume of the entire song by taking that peak, raising the volume of that sample and all other samples so that it hits 0.

So, what happens if, say a track recorded off vinyl has one big loud pop somewhere on the track – but the rest of the song is much lower? The software is normalizing the tune using that loudest pop as its reference as to how much it can raise the level of the file before running into clipping. So, that song is likely gonna be a hell of a lot lower than, say something that has been processed, where its a digital, fully mastered file where 9-times out of 10 the entire song is already smashed up against a brickwall limiter anyways.

To make matters worse, a modern track is gonna be like I said above – hyper-compressed, super loud, smashed up against 0. Serato cant go about 0. Serato cant impement a brickwall limiter and loudness maximizer process because.. If they have also removed a final brick-wall processer on the back end, then Id say all of the things I discussed above would yield exactly the type of issues you guys are encountering.

I would strongly encourage you to forget about auto gain, and use your ears and that knob for mixes that will sound a lot better with a little practice. That is all.

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anyway – loyal community, long time user here, and I’ve never used auto gain over many years and thousands of gigs, I had set all of my gain. Hi All, With regards just wanted to clarify about auto gain using. Usually I had auto gain in off mode, and now I use it in 90db but some peaple. I use a Pioneer DDJ-SR with the latest version of Serato DJ with my auto gain set to 92 DB. I’ve noticed some of my tracks hit the top of the.

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A word of warning about auto gain After tinkering a bit, I analysed single duplicate tracks in my library and compared them with their duplicates Et voila!

A word of warning about auto gain…

Member since Eamon Ryan wrote: From the way you have described it would i be right in saying that the autogain pulled the level back to 93db, and that this is the maximum output level available to us with the autogain on?

REVIEW: Serato Scratch Live, auto gain problems

I’m finding Serato’s auto gain to be way off a lot of the time. Fair enough I’m using tracks from a variety of sources (Beatport/Traxsource/DJ. I use a Pioneer DDJ-SR with the latest version of Serato DJ with my auto gain set to 92 DB. I’ve noticed some of my tracks hit the top of the. If My memory serves me well it doesn’t matter because when changing db value it also affects those files and forget the user Set gain. This is.

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Serato Auto Gain

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