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Updated July 23, , 7: OneNote is one of the overlooked gems in recent versions of Microsoft Office. OneNote makes it simple to take notes and keep track of everything with integrated search, and offers more features than its popular competitor Evernote.
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Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 Download

Updated July 23, , 7: OneNote is one of the overlooked gems in recent versions of Microsoft Office. OneNote makes it simple to take notes and keep track of everything with integrated search, and offers more features than its popular competitor Evernote. One way it is better is its high quality optical character recognition OCR engine.

OneNote takes this further, and instantly OCRs any text in images you add. Then, you can use this text easily and copy it from the image. Please Note: This feature is available in OneNote and Open a blank page or one you want to insert something into, and then follow these steps to add what you want into OneNote. Picture Simply drag-and-drop a picture with text into a notebook… You can insert a picture directly from OneNote as well.

In OneNote , select the Insert tab, and then choose Picture. For instance, you cannot copy text from the title-bar of a window, or from a flash-based online presentation.

For these cases, the Screen Clipping option is very useful. To add a clip of anything onscreen in OneNote , select the Insert tab in the ribbon and click Screen Clipping. When you click Screen Clipping, OneNote will minimize, your desktop will fade lighter, and your mouse pointer will change to a plus sign. Now, click and drag over anything you want to add to OneNote.

The section you selected will now show up in your OneNote notebook, complete with the date and time the clip was made. Choose the file you want to add to OneNote in the dialog. Select Insert, and OneNote will pause momentarily as it processes the file. Now your file will show up in OneNote as a printout with a link to the original file above it.

You can also send any file directly to OneNote via the OneNote virtual printer. Or, if you have a scanner, you can scan documents directly into OneNote by clicking Scanner Printout in the Insert tab in OneNote You can check to make sure by right-clicking on any picture, screenshot, or file you inserted.

Now, you can copy text from the Picture. Now you can paste the text from the picture into a document or anywhere you need to use the text. If you are instead copying text from a printout, it may give you the option to copy text from this page or all pages of the printout. This works the exact same in OneNote This way, if OneNote read something incorrectly you can change it so you can still find it when you use search in OneNote.

Additionally, you can copy only a specific portion of the text from the edit box, so it can be useful just for general copying as well. Here is the window to edit alternate text.

Simply enter your search query in the search box on top right, and OneNote will automatically find all instances of that term in all of your notebooks.

Notice how it highlights the search term even in the image! This works the same in OneNote Conclusion OneNote is a very useful OCR tool, and can help you capture text from just about anything.

Plus, since you can easily search everything you have stored in OneNote, you can quickly find anything you insert anytime. OneNote is one of the least-used Office tools, but we have found it very useful and hope you do too.


Microsoft Office OneNote lnk errors are related to problems that occur at Learn how to download and replace your correct version of Microsoft Office guide, and a list of versions that are available for free download. Information overload has met its match with Office OneNote Now its easy to grab, gather, and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting. Here is the official description for Microsoft Office OneNote: Edit By BS Editor: Office OneNote is a Digital Notebook that provides people.

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Manually back up all notebooks Turn automatic notebook backups on or off By default, OneNote automatically backs up your notes at regular intervals. You can change how often automatic backup files are created, and you can turn the automatic backup feature on or off at any time. On the Tools menu, click Options. In the Options dialog box, in the Category list, click Backup.

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