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If you still do, this article is for you. When you archive emails, the messages disappear from your inbox without being deleted. To access them, simply go to your email archive folder, where they will be waiting intact. To archive emails in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, all you have to do is click on a single button, so you should learn how to use this excellent email management feature and use it often. How to Archive Emails in Gmail Gmail is one of the most popular advertising-supported email services, and it was among the first to introduce email archive support.
how to delete 1000 emails in yahoo

How to Delete All Emails at Once on Your iPhone or iPad

Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for my weekly newsletter, “Confident Computing”, for more solutions you can use to make your life easier. Click here. It can be a challenge to delete multiple emails. I’ll look at some of the concepts and techniques used by various email programs to make it easier. Deleting multiple emails can be easy, or it can be really, really cumbersome. Those techniques are useful for more than just deleting email, and they work in arenas other than email as well.

Become a Patron of Ask Leo! Not all email programs or services give you this control most notably Outlook.

Maximum page-size setting in Google Mail. Many email programs have similar settings: Check your email program or service to see if that setting is available, and consider setting it to something large. Single item selected as the result of a single click. When you control-click an item, that item is added to the set of currently-selected items.

In other words, any item or items previously selected remain selected in addition to what you just CTRL-clicked on. If you CTRL-click on an item that is already selected, it is removed from the selection set without affecting the rest of the selection. Two items selected by clicking one, then CTRL-clicking the other.

When you shift-click an item, all items from the item currently selected to the item that you click on will be selected. The result is that the first item you click on, and all items in between, are selected.

Given these selection techniques, you have three approaches to deleting multiple emails. Click each item and click Delete, one by one. Or, if the items are all next to each other, click the first item, SHIFT-click the last item, and click Delete to delete those two and everything in between.

One handy shortcut: You can then CTRL-click to unselect specific messages, leaving the remaining selected. Instead, they include a checkbox in front of each item. You can check the checkbox for each item you want to act on, and then click on Delete to delete the checked items.

In Outlook. The select-all checkbox in Outlook. Click on that, and all the messages displayed will be selected. Note that, again in Outlook. Email sorted by sender in Outlook Occasionally, web email interfaces use a menu or other option to indicate how their displayed list should be sorted: Sorting options in Outlook.

Why do I focus on sorting so much? If not, you may need to repeat this a few times, depending on how many messages there are and how many can be displayed per page. This technique works for any criteria that you can sort for: Deleting emails from a particular person. Deleting emails to a particular person. Deleting emails before, after, or between two dates. Deleting emails that relate to a specific subject.

Even better, this technique works for more than just deleting. Move selected emails into a folder. Mark selected emails as read or unread. Flag selected emails in one way or another. And probably more, again depending on the capabilities of your email program. Advanced filtering techniques: Gmail As one might expect from Google, Gmail has a very powerful search interface. That search can be used to automatically select and then act on almost any criteria you can think of.

Searching for all messages from a particular sender in Gmail. Click on the select-all checkbox: Gmail search after clicking on the select-all checkbox. If you have more than a page-worth of matching results, Gmail will display a line: All 20 conversations on this page are selected. Not much will change, other than the text, which becomes: All conversations in this search are selected.

Clear selection The key is that all conversations that match what you search for are selected, even those not displayed on your screen. Or click on any other action to apply that action to all the selected messages. This approach can be used for any searchable criteria in Gmail. Podcast audio.

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Steps to Delete More than 50 Yahoo Mail In-Box Messages. But we can delete all the Yahoo mail inbox messages in a flash. . put the name of the retailer I want to get rid of for example Walmart, let’s say I have emails from Walmart. Over 26 billion emails are sent on Yahoo each day. Any way you slice it, it’s a huge number of emails. If you’ve been using Yahoo Mail for a. Okay, a little background. I have a getmefree.me email account that I only use for online shopping. Subsequently, I only check it every couple of.

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Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for my weekly newsletter, “Confident Computing”, for more solutions you can use to make your life easier. Click here.

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Honestly speaking, I use my Yahoo account very rarely. Here are the steps and a supporting video tutorial conceived by me. There is an important update.

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Having a large number of contacts on your Yahoo Mail means that you receive multiple mails on a daily basis. Additionally, spam messages. Yahoo! Mail makes it easy to act on (read, mark as read, delete, report as spam) more than one message in one go and offers more than one way to select. If you have a large number of contacts, you will most likely have a flooded Yahoo! Mail inbox. If you have thousands of unwanted emails in your inbox, it will take.

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